About MiOS

Who We Are

This society represents a community of medical professionals with an interest in migraine symptoms beyond headaches.  The mission is to promote migraine awareness, education and research within the specialties of otolaryngology, audiology and other medical disciplines with a particular emphasis on how this disease affects the head and neck region.

Migraine in Otolaryngology Society is supported by the Association of Migraine Disorders

Our Goals

  1. To improve the quality of life of people with vestibular migraine, auditory migraine, migraine affecting the facial structures and other migraine-related head and neck symptoms.
  2. To establish an organization and website through which to share information, network among members and provide a more unified platform for otolaryngologists and related medical professionals to promote their interests in the field of migraine.
  3. To engage the otolaryngology community and other medical specialties in migraine-related research.
  4. To allow the development of partnerships and more interdisciplinary activities with other migraine-related medical organizations.

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