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Migraine Explainer Videos

Dive into a variety of migraine topics with these quick, educational videos that break down migraine types, treatments, pathophysiology and other headache types.

What is Vestibular Migraine?

Learn more about vestibular migraine symptoms, triggers and treatments in this brief video.

What is Silent Migraine (without headache)?

If a headache isn't involved then what symptoms are? Find out and see what can be done about this interesting condition in this explainer video.

What is Episodic & Chronic Migraine?

Learn about common migraine symptoms, triggers, and treatments, as well as the difference between episodic and chronic migraine in this quick explainer video.

What is Sinus Migraine?

Have you taken numerous antibiotics for a sinus infection that won’t go away? Did sinus surgery only temporarily help your symptoms? You may be living with sinus migraine. Learn about this commonly misdiagnosed condition, including symptoms, treatments and more in this brief explainer video.

Migraine Symptoms in the Ear

Dr. Teixido discusses the various migraine symptoms within the ear and explains why these symptoms occur. He then describes treatments for ear symptoms and other related ear disorders.

The Connection Between TMD and Migraine

Dr. Steven Bender discusses the normal function of the temporomandibular joint, symptoms of TMD, as well as the overlap between TMD and migraine. He also explains ways to manage TMD and how to find the correct specialist.

Self Care Tips for Facial Pain and Headache

Orofacial pain specialist Dr. James Hawkins offers self care techniques to help manage both temporomandibular disorder and headache. 

Facial Pain in Migraine

Dr. Philip Zald, describes the patterns of facial pain and pressure that may be caused by migraine, common comorbidities and how an otolaryngologist or ENT doctor can help with the care of a migraine patient.